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New Comic! Sharing Creative Works


We are happy to announce the publication of our brand new comic, Sharing Creative Works: An Illustrated Primer. We hope this piece will serve as a friendly and easy-to-understand overview of copyright and CC licensing. This way, the next time someone asks you to explain Creative Commons and you’re not sure where to begin, you can just direct them to our primer.

Its been a while since we’ve updated our previous comics and this one features a completely new visual style designed by Alex Roberts, with some help from Rebecca Rojer. Together with Jon Phillips they also drafted the script. But, we want this to be an asset of and for the community, so the entire project has been released into the public domain. For ease of translation & remixing, the artwork is all available in SVG format and the text is all up on the wiki. Please contribute!

Sharing Creative Works is also part of our efforts to integrate Creative Commons licensing into the OLPC, so we’ve specifically designed it be kid-friendly (though we hope adults will enjoy it too!). This comic will serve as the foundation of the documentation for the Sugar Licensing Activity but will be customized for each country’s distribution, so please let us know if you have suggestions for making this document as culturally accessible as possible.

If you like what you see, consider donating to our fundraising campaign. But most importantly, please enjoy Sharing Creative Works– share it with your friends, leave us your feedback, and make your own versions!

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Sharing Creative Works: An Illustrated Primer

Posted 14 December 2007