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Philippines introduces locally ported Creative Commons licenses


On December 15 in Pasay City, Metro Manila, the 42nd locally ported Creative Commons licensing suite will be launched for the Philippines. The Creative Commons Team in the Philippines, lead by Atty. Jaime N. Soriano, have worked under the auspices of the e-Law Center at the Arellano University School of Law and in collaboration with Creative Commons International to port the licenses to Philippine national law.

In a prelude to a larger celebration planned in January 2008, CC Philippines will unveil the licenses at 2pm PST at an event held in Arellano University’s School of Law.

After the ceremonies, the evening will continue on as Birthday Party 2007 Manila, as part of a series of synchronized celebrations worldwide to commemorate Creative Commons’ fifth year.

Congratulations, CC Philippines!

Press Release

Posted 14 December 2007