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LiveContent Available Through


Creative Commons is now offering LiveContent through the Open Source product distribution service On-Disk sells a variety of software packages conveniently contained on a CD or DVD. On-Disk provides “burn-on-demand” service and works with open source and smaller software and media developers — “helping low-budget or no-budget organizations publish their software and digital media products with no out of pocket expenses.”

On-Disk is currently carrying LiveContent 1.0 and will roll in 2.0 upon its release. In addition to CC’s distros, the site offers various flavors of Linux as well as educational and productivity applications. On-Disk aims to support the non-technophiles among us by helping bridge technology gaps:

“We tend to assume everyone can download, install or stream live media. However, a large percentage of computer users have trouble with basic operations. Offering a CD or DVD increases the number of people able to participate.”

Naturally, users can still download the CC LiveContent ISO for free from the Fedora site and then burn the image to a disc.

Posted 08 January 2008