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Ford encourages fans with CC BY photos


Cory Doctorow posts an interesting story about Ford car fans whose fan creations were pulled from CafePress, supposedly due to trademark. Ford backed its fans. That shouldn’t be unusual, but good for Ford for being not stupidsmart about the matter.

And Ford has further demonstrated that it values and respects people who love Ford cars and trucks (again, this really ought to be just common sense) by licensing a bunch of photos of Ford cars and trucks under CC Attribution, allowing sharing and remixing, even for commercial purposes, legally.

2009 Ford F-150 FX4 / Ford Motor Company / CC BY

Update: Changed to Attribution-NonCommercial, to the chagrin of Wikipedians (the photos would have worked well in Wikipedia articles about Ford vehicles, but Wikipedia does not allow NC licenses). Relevant CC FAQ: What if I change my mind?

Posted 25 January 2008