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License drafts from Ecuador & Norway enter public discussion


We are very pleased to announce that the public discussion of localized license drafts has begun in Ecuador and in Norway:

It is a great pleasure to invite all interested parties to join the teams in Ecuador and Norway in discussing these drafts adapted to their respective jurisdictional law.

For their progress and dedication thus far, we would like to thank the CC Ecuador team, lead by Dr. Juan José Puertas Ortega and Carlos Correa Loyola, and team members Dra. Patricia Pacheco Montoya and Abg. Verónica Granda González, with support from the Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja.

Our warmest congratulations extend as well to CC Norway, whose Legal Lead Peter Lenda and Public Lead Gisle Hannemyr, along with their Legal Advisory Board and affiliate institution Oslo University College, have demonstrated extreme thoughtfulness and commitment in producing the first draft of the CC license ported to Norwegian law.

We welcome your participation in the discussion of these two license drafts!

Posted 21 February 2008