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Download Sharing Creative Works


A PDF of Sharing Creative Works, the latest CC comic book, is now available for download. This new format is easier to read and share than the wiki version we published a couple months ago, and is ready to print. Sharing Creative Works is a colorful, easy-to-understand introduction to some of the abstract concepts behind Creative Commons.

Sharing Creative Works p. 12

In keeping with its theme, Sharing Creative Works is in the public domain. To encourage remixes and translations, all of the original SVG files, the text of the script, high quality PNG files, and the Scribus document used to generate the PDF are also available. Changes to the official version can still be made on its wiki page; thanks to everyone who already contributed edits and feedback!

Created by Alex Roberts, Rebecca Rojer, and Jon Phillips, Sharing Creative Works features a new visual style from our previous comics. We hope you find it a helpful resource for explaining the basics of copyright and CC licensing to kids and adults alike. A customized version will also serve as documentation for the OLPC Licensing Activity, keep an eye out for more info in the near future.

Please download, share, and remix Sharing Creative Works!

Posted 26 February 2008