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Free as in “FREE BEER” Brewing in Berlin



FREE BEER” is always something to get excited about — especially when it’s being brewed in your own backyard. If you’re in Berlin this Saturday, March 1st, come stop by “Free as in ‘FREE BEER’ – Brau-Aktion.” We’ll be in the brewery “Hops & Barley Berlin” starting at 12:30pm to witness 100 liters of FREE BEER being brewed and learn some tricks from Braumeister Philipp.

The bubbly beverage’s recipe is based on classic ale brewing traditions and employs a Creative Commons license (Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5) to encourage anyone to brew their own batch or create derivative recipes. With support from zeitgeisty and newthinking, this round of FREE BEER is being prepared for consumption at re:publica’08, Berlin’s incredibly successful annual blogger conference, to be held this year April 2-4th.


Posted 29 February 2008