Lingro Adds CC-Licensed Multi-Lingual Dictionaries

Back in December, we blogged about Lingro, a project that aims “to create an on-line environment that allows anyone learning a language to quickly look up and learn the vocabulary most important to them”. Lingro pools the open-content community for their definitions (including CC BY-SA licensed user submissions), ingraining it in a cycle of sharing and reuse with future promise of dynamic growth.

Since then, Lingro has added CC BY-SA licensed, multi-lingual, dictionaries that prompt users with a list of words missing from a particular dictionary and let them enter translations. These dictionaries are also available in widget form, allowing webmasters to add Lingro functionality to their websites (users can add definitions without going to Lingro directly). In addition to this, Lingro has added translations of their site into French, Spanish, German, Italian and Polish, as well as a Swedish dictionary (which translates back and forth between all the other languages on Lingro). With these developments, Lingro continues to make amazing strides in fostering information sharing that has immense potential in relation to language education and cross-cultural communication.

One thought on “Lingro Adds CC-Licensed Multi-Lingual Dictionaries”

  1. The is beautifully made and allows for people to add translations to several languages by choosing French or German and then a word appears from that language and you are prompted to translate the word if you can in a submit field. I assume if enough people enter the same translation then the word is used in the translation service. You can also scroll to the next word if you are stumped and don’t know the translation of a word shown. I was able to translate about 50% of the words I reviewed from about 20 selections I made. Some words were very odd so it’s understandable that there is a need to help with the translation. All in all it’s been thought out very well and works perfectly from a contributors point of view.

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