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Local Intern Gets Job, Blogs About Himself


Along with the rest of the interns that descended on CC San Francisco offices a few days ago I’ve been requested to do one post introducing myself to the world before getting fully underway at the blog. So, without further ado…

Hi! I’m Tim Hwang. I got involved in IP freedom and tech policy issues while in college as a part of the Harvard chapter of Students for Free Culture. I worked on the (now suspended) Antenna Alliance experiment in promoting CC music, supported open access efforts in student theses, and most recently helped out on MIT’s research efforts on YouTomb.

Beyond that, I spent much of this year ignoring schoolwork and organizing ROFLCon, a celebration of internet celebrity and culture that went down in April this year. The event ended up being a ridiculously surreal time (what else could you expect from an exclusively LOLCat panel), and we’re planning a bunch of smaller events this summer. You can find me currently blogging at The U.S. Bureau of Fabulous Bitches, and can catch the inane minutiae on twitter @ timhwang.

But, all that aside, I’ll be here for the next few months working as a business development intern with CC guru Jon Phillips on developing metrics for tracking the adoption of licenses, developing case studies on companies that have implemented CC in recent years, and maintaining relationships with various interested organizations. So, stay tuned for more excitement (in the neat form of blog posts) throughout the coming weeks…

Posted 11 June 2008