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WikiHow Promotes Universal Edit Button


Big news recently that our friends at Wikihow (and a growing list of other wiki projects large and small) are teaming up to promote and enable the Universal Edit Button (UEB), an extension for Firefox that automatically notifies users with an icon when a page is editable — like an RSS.

It’s a simple and great idea: at a quickly growing project like Wikihow, the UEB helps old contributors to more easily discover new places for collaboration and openly invites new users to take part in editing with a wiki community. We’re hoping here at CC HQ that the project takes off (and becomes standard!) to promote UEB’s ambition of “accelerati[ng] the editable web, and…society’s trend towards building valued common resources.”

As Mike was blogging about earlier this week — we’ve also enabled your Creative Commons site experience with the UEB, so you’ll be able to use the extension to easily find places to collaborate and contribute (including our recently launched Case Studies wiki project to collect notable CC projects and stories).

You can snag the extension here.

Posted 26 June 2008