TechSummit Video Now Online

Creative Commons held our first TechSummit at Google last month.  This event included an update and overview of Creative Commons technologies, panels featuring other leaders in open digital rights technologies, and a look at the future, including the role of digital copyright registries.  If you are curious of who all the speakers were you can still find the list on the TechSummit informational page.  Many presenters’ slides are also available from that page.

For those that could not attend the Tech Summit can now view the entire event online thanks to Google (who graciously hosted the event for us).  There are four 1-hour long videos available and they are broken up by sessions.  You can find session topics and presenters on the TechSummit information page.

The videos –

Video 1:

  • Welcome and mini-keynote (Joi Ito)
  • Talk: Introduction to ccREL (Ben Adida)
  • Panel: Current CC, Science Commons, and ccLearn technology initiatives

Video 2:

Video 3:

  • Panel: Developers of digital copyright registries and similar animals

Video 4:

  • Plenary: “Copyright 2.0” technologies and digital copyright registries: what next?

Thanks to all who participated!