Safe Creative enables creators to donate a portion of their sales to Creative Commons

Safe Creative is a Spain-based global intellectual property registry that allows users to publicly assert and identify their rights over a work. Safe Creative supports CC licensing, so you can register* your existing CC-licensed works and license your new works that you register. Currently, Safe Creative has over half a million registered works and over … Read More “Safe Creative enables creators to donate a portion of their sales to Creative Commons”

Registries and the public domain at the 3rd COMMUNIA Workshop

Monday the 3rd COMMUNIA Workshop on Marking the Public Domain: Relinquishment and Certification included a panel on marking and tagging public domain works, featuring presentations by Safe Creative‘s Mario Pena (Safe Creative’s approach to registering public domain works), Patrick Peiffer of the Bibliothèque nationale de Luxembourg (and CC Luxembourg), Jonathan Gray (OKF), and me (certifying … Read More “Registries and the public domain at the 3rd COMMUNIA Workshop”

CC Network and Interoperable Copyright Registry Exploration

Yesterday we launched The Creative Commons Network as part of our annual campaign. On the surface the CC Network is simple: it acts as a premium for supporting Creative Commons and gives supporters a way to tell the world that they support CC and Free Culture. But it’s also designed as a platform for exploring digital … Read More “CC Network and Interoperable Copyright Registry Exploration”

TechSummit Video Now Online

Creative Commons held our first TechSummit at Google last month.  This event included an update and overview of Creative Commons technologies, panels featuring other leaders in open digital rights technologies, and a look at the future, including the role of digital copyright registries.  If you are curious of who all the speakers were you can … Read More “TechSummit Video Now Online”

Numly and RegisteredCommons

A class of services that complements and builds upon the CC infrastructure includes assurance, provenance, registration, and warranty. Numly and RegisteredCommons are two currently pioneering organizations in this space. Chris Matthieu of Numly started a descrption and comparison table for the space on the CC wiki. People from RegisteredCommons have added. Other experts or those … Read More “Numly and RegisteredCommons”