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Remix Kidz in the Hall and Tyga at Jamglue


Jamgluefeatured commoner, remix contest holder extraordinaire – have delivered again with two awesome remix contests, one featuring rap-duo Kidz in the Hall and the other solo-artist Tyga. Both contests feature song stems for both artists’ current singles – “Driving Down the Block” and “Coconut Juice” respectively – released under a CC BY-NC-SA license. As we have noted before, by using CC licences Jamglue allows artists to open up their content to fans in a way that not only allows for positive interaction and creation, but also maintains the commercial interests of the artists at hand.

Unfortunately, the entry date for the Tyga contest has passed (which doesn’t mean you can’t remix it – just not for a prize). Entries for The Kidz in the Hall contest are due by August 17, giving you plenty of time to rearrange and pick apart their music, crafting your own creation in the process.

Posted 21 July 2008