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Safe Creative Looking For US Trainee


CC’s Business Development team Jon Phillips and myself got a chance to meet up a few weeks ago with the awesome staff over at the Spain-based SafeCreative project. They’re working to build a free and open global intellectual property registry that allows users to publicly assert and identify their rights over a work. The project supports CC licensing, and it’s definitely making important strides in authenticating creative works.

Mario and his team have been gaining lots of traction in the recent months, and we’re excited to announce today that they just put out a call for all you law-techie geeks types out there who are interested in getting involved and helping to building bridges from their project to communities in the US. The job would involve posting on their English blog, translating over some of their FAQ’s, and helping to field questions from users. If you’re interested, details are available here.

Posted 28 July 2008