Animasher Brings Commons Remixing to Animation

Animasher is a site with a simple premise based on a powerful tool that helps anyone remix the commons. The core of the site is a flash tool that enables easy key frame based creation of animations complete with music and narration. In order to seed the site with remixable content, Animasher pulls Attribution licensed photographs from Flickr and Attribution and Public Domain music from other sources such as Jamendo and Opsound. Proper attribution is then automatically generated for each animation which is also licensed under CC-BY. All animations can be cloned and edited instantly by anyone visiting the site.

To get started, watch some of the animations created by other users, or create your own.

3 thoughts on “Animasher Brings Commons Remixing to Animation”

  1. Interesting application. This is quite a nice example of the potential inherent in building on the commons.

  2. Hey Fred, Thanks for sharing animasher. I’ve just launched a similar animation remix site, but for old-school flipbooks. The concept is similar to the pass-the-flipbook game that fellow animators often play at animation meetups: you draw as much as you like, then you pass the flipbook along to the next guy and he continues, or forks the story.

    As each contributed animation is CC BY-NC licensed, so is the result. The frame stack can also be downloaded, with a full credits list, for inclusion in other CC projects.

    In addition to this, the interface is all coded in non-proprietary Javascript & HTML5 and is released under the GPL License.

    Hope you enjoy the site, and do let me know if you would like to feature it,
    Best, Josh

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