On CBC podcasts and CC-licensed music available for commercial use

On Friday, Michael Geist broke the story that the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation had apparently banned use of CC-licensed music in its podcasts. This seemed odd, given that the CBC’s Spark podcast has long used, promoted, and done interesting projects with CC-licensed music. It is always gratifying to see CC supporters (superheroes even!) quickly respond — … Read More “On CBC podcasts and CC-licensed music available for commercial use”

December CC Music Happenings

Three stories from the Creative Commons music world came across our radar recently, each showcasing a different facet of how our licenses are used to expose artists, encourage collaboration, and promote commercial avenues for freely-licensed works. First comes news today that The Everybody, a new project from Joey Santiago and David Lovering (guitarist and drummer … Read More “December CC Music Happenings”

Jamendo PRO Partners with International Hotel & Restaurant Association

Last month, Jamendo PRO and the International Hotel & Restaurant Association (IH&RA) announced a new partnership that will bring Jamendo PRO’s vast catalog of CC-licensed music to IH&RA members for use as background music. IH&RA members comprise around 300,000 hotels and 8 million restaurants, making this an incredible case study for how CC-licensed content can … Read More “Jamendo PRO Partners with International Hotel & Restaurant Association”

Jamendo reaches 20,000 albums

Congratulations to Jamendo: 20,000 albums? We can hardly believe it! Well, it seems like just a few months ago we were celebrating 10,000 albums published on jamendo and this weekend we passed the 20,000 album mark! Actually, it was 11 months ago to be precise. Look at it this way and you’ll understand why we’re the first to be impressed with … Read More “Jamendo reaches 20,000 albums”

CC Luxembourg and Jamendo @ Uni.lu

From CC Luxembourg: Uni.lu and Rockhal invite you to a public lecture given by Patrick Peiffer (Project Lead, Creative Commons Luxembourg) and Pierre Yves Lanneau Saint Leger (Head of Marketing and Communication, Jamendo). where they’ll be introducing the principles of Creative Commons and opening a discussion about the licensing system. Afterward, musicheads may find time … Read More “CC Luxembourg and Jamendo @ Uni.lu”

CC Salon Paris on October 15

CC France is organizing the first CC Salon in Paris on October 15, 2008, in partnership with La Cantine by Silicon Sentier. At a moment where copyright laws are becoming always more restrictive, in particular in France with the HADOPI initiative, this event will give the opportunity to the Creative Commons community to reaffirm its … Read More “CC Salon Paris on October 15”