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Creative Commons is working with Azerbaijan Young Lawyers Union (AYLU) to create Azerbaijan jurisdiction-specific licenses from the generic Creative Commons licenses.

CCi Azerbaijan List

Legal Project Lead: Elmari Mamishov, Chairman of Azerbaijan Young Lawyers Union

Public Project Lead: Ramil Iskandarov, Member of Board of Azerbaijan Young Lawyers Union

More About the Azerbaijan Young Lawyers Union

One of the most well-respected human rights NGOs operating in Azerbaijan is the Azerbaijan Young Lawyers Union (AYLU). Founded only in 1999, (and registered by the Ministry of Justice per regulation to operate as an NGO in the country) AYLU has rapidly established itself as one of the most active human rights NGOs in Azerbaijan with an impressive record of different activities and constituency of about 700 law students, masters and young practicing lawyers. . Its main task is to inform the younger Azerbaijani population, law students and lawyers in particular, of the Azerbaijani legislation and in particular of those provisions relating to the protection of human rights. As such it is the only NGO dedicated to addressing the problem of the lack of human rights understanding among young lawyers, leaving many individual human rights violations unresolved.

AYLU has experience in copyright-related projects such as “Legal Enlightenment in Film Production”. The project is headed by Elmari Mamishov, together with associates Ismayil Mammadov, Parviz Isgandarov and Nigar Melikova. It was settled within the Azerbaijan Young Lawyers Union (AYLU) at Baku. The project was held in 2005 and was awarded USD 5000 by SDC.

A booklet on the same subject was published, and four training sessions with about 30 participants were held in June 2005 by a.o. Mr. Kamran Imanov (Chairman of the State Copyright Agency).

The website had been created by Azerbaijan Young Lawyers Union and devoted to the legal problems related to corruption in Azerbaijan. The organization is also a leading agency in the National Youth Human Rights Netowrk.

The official website of Azerbaijan Young Lawyers Union is



Eurasia Partnership Foundation’s (EPF) mission is to empower people to effect change for social justice and economic prosperity through hands-on programs, helping them to improve their communities and their own lives. Through its foundations, registered locally in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, EPF raises and delivers seed capital to emerging civil society organizations. EPF is both a grant maker and a program implementer and is guided by five program mandates and approaches: Creating Opportunities for Civic and Economic Participation; Building Capacity for Evidence-Based Research to Improve Policy-Making; Fostering a Culture of Corporate and Community Philanthropy; Cross-Border Cooperation; and Open Door Grant Making.

In May 2008, EPF in cooperation with CC has started the “Support to Caucasus Creative Commons” program that aims at establishing CC licensing framework in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia. The program will enable and popularize the legal sharing and reuse of cultural, educational, and scientific works in the countries of the South Caucasus through offering free and easy-to-use Creative Commons licensing framework to creators, artists, and educators, as well as other internet-based communities in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia. The program will harness further intellectual activity in the South Caucasus, will potentially provide a newer mechanism for economic activity, and, at the same time, will enhance opportunities for cross-border collaboration among creative communities in the South Caucasus and beyond.

Posted 28 August 2008