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December Technology Summit, Call for Presentations


Following the success of our first technology summit in June we knew we would do another one soon.  Today we’re announcing the next, which will be held in Cambridge, MA on December 12.  We’re also changing the format slightly, trying to add more talks and reduce the number of panels.  To support that we’re also announcing a Call for Presentations

The Technology Summits are about connecting the larger developer and technical community that’s sprung up around Creative Commons licenses and technology, so we want to provide a venue where people doing interesting work can share it. We’ve identified some areas we think are interesting and ripe for exploration but those are mostly just a guideline. The summit will once again be a single-day event, so we have about five 45-minute slots available. Proposals/abstracts are due October 24, so get to it! Full details are available in the wiki.

Posted 19 September 2008