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CC Salon LA 11/11/08 recap


Last night, we hosted another edition of our CC Salon series in Los Angeles. Dublab‘s Mark McNeill and Ale Cohen discussed their endeavors in Web radio, art, and film – as well as Into Infinity, the art and music exhibition they’re producing in collaboration with Creative Commons. Lucas Gonze gave a presentation about the economics of online music, which developed into an extended audience conversation about media business models and self-distribution. The night was a great success, with some of the most thoughtful interaction we’ve seen come out of these events. Thanks to the presenters, all of the attendees, and to Jonny Coleman of Found Gallery, who has graciously let us use his space for CC Salon LA for the past year.

There are a few photos of the event online at Flickr, in the creativecommoners CC Salon LA set.

Update: Thanks to Flavorpill for pointing people our way. Also thanks to boredLA for coming through, checking out what we’re all about, and posting a great event write-up.

Posted 12 November 2008