Microplanet Creative Commons

Last week we mentioned that you can follow short updates from Creative Commons on the microblogging services twitter and identi.ca.

Identi.ca has a feature allowing you to view (or subscribe via a feed) all microbloggers a particular account subscribes to. So we’ve made the CC identi.ca account subscribe to the microblogs of CC jurisdiction project leads, staff, board members, and interns, creating a microblog version of the Planet Creative Commons blog aggregator.

Visit http://identi.ca/creativecommons/all to see.

We’ve also used Kent Brewster’s identi.ca badge to embed the feed in the sidebar of Planet Creative Commons.

Also see our post from July, when identi.ca launched, on how the service is pushing comprehensive openness — free software and free culture.

Pluto-Charon system / European Southern Observatory / CC BY

(Pluto and Charon are dwarf planets. See our recent post on freely licensed images from ESO for more.)