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Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia Discussing License Drafts


Legal experts in the South Caucasus are making major strides in the Creative Commons license porting process with the completion of license drafts from Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia. Regional stakeholders are publicly discussing the three drafts on the CC South Caucasus mailing list. As with all ported CC licenses, the license discussions are aided by English re-translations and explanations of the necessary legal changes.

With the support of the Eurasia Partnership Foundation, CC Project Leads in the South Caucasus have been  developing the CC licensing infrastructure in their countries since May 2008. Their efforts build upon base-line assessments of national copyright legislation and direct consultations with community members, the results of which were analyzed during a recent regional workshop in Tbilisi.

On behalf of CC Armenia, CC Azerbaijan, and CC Georgia, we warmly welcome you to join the public discussion. Congratulations to Project Leads Movses Hakobyan (AM), Elmari Mamishov and Ramil Iskandarov (AZ), Dr. Nino Kuntseva-Gabashvili, Merab Labadze, and Zviad Sulaberidze (GE), and to the Eurasia Partnership Foundation for their continued support!

Posted 18 December 2008