JoCo Looks Back on LegalTorrents

JoCo Looks BackWe’ve posted all of the data that was offered on Jonathan Coulton’s “JoCo Looks Back” USB jump drive promotion on LegalTorrents. The zip file contains the entire “JoCo Looks Back” album (also available on CD for $15 from plus all of the separated source audio files from each track, all licensed under our Attribution-NonCommerical license.

Download the 730mb torrent and start your remixes today!

One thought on “JoCo Looks Back on LegalTorrents”

  1. While this is a great initiative, shoving it all into one big zip file show that you’ve missed a large part of what the torrent technology brings. Specifically in this case, the option to download selected files only. I don’t want the whole 730MB, I just want the songs. Please consider re-releasing this in an internet-friendly format. 🙂 Thanks!

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