Brooklyn Museum's API

Brooklyn Museum In case it weren’t evidenced by their participation in Wikipedia Loves Art, The Brooklyn Museum is an institution that simply “gets it.On Tuesday, they launched an API.

The Brooklyn Museum Collection API consists of a set of methods that return structured data and links to images from the museum’s collections. This is particularly exciting since all of the images owned by Brooklyn Museum are licensed under our Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerviatives license.

To get an idea of what can be created based on their API take a look at this clever example of an interactive time line of objects in the catalog ranging from 4010 B.C.E. to now.

Piotr Adamczyk has already created a simple set of Yahoo! Pipes that allow anyone to execute the basic API functions without having to write their own code.

Keep up the great work Brooklyn Museum!

3 thoughts on “Brooklyn Museum's API”

  1. It’s nice that the Brooklyn Museum is doing this, but isn’t providing an API for -ND-licensed data basically useless? The whole purpose of an API is to allow you to remix/reuse the data you access with it … but the NC-ND license they’re using explicitly disallows precisely that.

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  3. I love what the Brooklyn Museum has done! Though, can imagine the hours and hours spent photographing and documenting their collections…what an amazing way to share themselves with the world.

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