Gawker Media Empire Goes All CC

Gawker MediaGawker Media, the blog conglomerate that includes Gizmodo, Gawker, and Lifehacker among others has adopted our Attribution-NonCommercial license for all of their original content. Gizmodo’s Brylan Lam blogged about the decision here:

… I’m happy to announce that we’re being published under a Creative Commons license now. Although it’s a non-commercial license, remixes and quotes are fine by blogs commercial or otherwise, with attribution/links. But splogs can—as always—go to hell. This has always been our policy, but it’s nice to have the license right there on the bottom.

You can read more about the policy on their legal page if you’re so inclined. Congrats and thanks for contributing to the commons, Gawker Media!

6 thoughts on “Gawker Media Empire Goes All CC”

  1. Wow… what a bold move.

    I think more original text content will be CC – as it allows for collaboration among news organizations (that need to start collaborating).

    Spot.Us uses attribution no derivatives. An example at the bottom of the middle column here:

  2. Awesome, always glad to see more websites picking up the creative commons. Just found Gawkers pictures showing up for label of reuse in Google. Had to find out for myself! Great job CC and Gawker!

  3. Great! Saw there pictures labeled for reuse in the Google image section, had to check it for myself.

    Glad to see more corporations allowing fair use rights!

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