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CC Thailand Lowers Barriers to Sharing



Creative Commons Thailand has adapted Creative Commons licenses to Thai law! The localized licenses, launching April 2 at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, enable Thai creators to easily share creative works by lowering legal barriers and prohibitive transaction costs.

The Thai team, led by Mr. Phichai Phuechmongkol of Dharmniti Law Office (DLO), conducted the license porting and public discussion with local and international experts. The localized licenses, the fifty-first completed worldwide, are the result of close collaboration with Creative Commons International.

CC Thailand describes the importance of the launch:

“Adoption of the six core Thai licenses will lead to a cordial climate for sharing knowledge and creative works. This climate is especially desirable in a developing nation such as Thailand, whose citizens are dedicated to a culturally sustainable society that is also open to integration and cooperation. The Creative Commons licenses will help Thai society achieve these goals by enabling practical and reasonable copyright protection, while facilitating  the  sharing, distribution,  use, and adaption of creative works both existing and newly-created.”

Following the launch, CC Thailand will kick off an outreach campaign addressing a range of content providers in Thailand. “We hope to eventually persuade creators to revisit their licensing policies and consider more flexible, reasonable solutions like Creative Commons,” the team explains.

For more information about the launch and CC Thailand, check out our press release in English and Thai.

Update: Photos from the event are now online!

Posted 31 March 2009