2009 Google Policy Fellowships

We’re excited to announce the recipient of our Google Policy Fellowship for the Summer 2009 is Aurelia Schultz of Vanderbilt University Law School. You’ll hear more about what she’ll be working on shortly.

We also wanted to extend our congratulations to Brian Rowe, our 2008 CC legal intern for nabbing Public Knowledge‘s GPF position. You can read about all the other fellows over at the Google Policy blog. Congratulations to all the fellows and thanks again to Google for sponsoring such a fantastic program!

One thought on “2009 Google Policy Fellowships”

  1. Google is THE sponsor of censorship on the Internet. Just look at China and Australia for examples of Google’s tyranny. Support for Google needs to stop immediately or we all face being able to access between 3000 and 5000 websites. I for one visit hundreds of websites that would not fall into the category of what Google deems it necessary to allow people to see.

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