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Creative Commons is working with Steiner, Neyman, & Partners LLC to create Russia jurisdiction-specific licenses from the generic Creative Commons licenses.

CCi Russia List

Legal Project Lead: Leyla Neyman (Steiner, Neyman, & Partners LLC)

Project Adviser: Syb Groeneveld

More about Steiner, Neyman, & Partners LLC

STEINER, NEYMAN & PARTNERS is an adviser for companies entering or already involved in new media business and related intellectual property matters. The firm provides legal services in both English and Russian, which ensures highest quality level of their work and its worldwide recognition.

The firm focuses on New Media business sectors such as telecommunications, multimedia, TV & radio broadcasting, Web media, software development, and IT infrastructure and service providers.

Specializations include Intellectual Property (including copyright) and content clearance, registration and enforcement litigation, arbitration and mediation, as well as legal support for new media projects, and consulting legal opinions on mew media.

First CC Russia Roundtable

Held on Moscow, 9 September 2008 to discuss next steps for license porting in Russia

Posted 29 May 2009