Cologne Commons: Festival for Free Music


Cologne Commons - Konferenz und Festival für freie Musikkultur

We’re counting down the days until June 12, when the free music festival Cologne Commons kicks off in Germany’s metropolis on the Rhine. The festival invites netlabels, musicians, and business developers alike to the two-day conference and party in Cologne.

Sessions cover key topics in the free music scene, like mobile music, games, the legal backbone of running a netlabel, and successful case studies and business models for online distribution. And when the sun sets, the festival turns up the lights on new musical talent from across Europe.

Tickets for the June 12-13 event can be booked online, but if you can’t make it in person, follow the action on Twitter or listen to the CC Compilations.

From the Cologne Commons website:

Although netlabels play a central role in this year’s festival, it is by far not limited only to music. More generally the focus is on Creative Commons everything related to art and media – with the rise of a new cultural economy and perspectives for young artists in mind.

Entertainment for the Braindead” by Christopher Pattberg / Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Germany license

2 thoughts on “Cologne Commons: Festival for Free Music”

  1. The people behind the scenes have put in a massive amount of work to ensure that Cologne Commons is as professional and accessible as possible. Anyone attending Cologne or following on Twitter will learn an awful lot about what’s possible with CC licences – and they might also get their groove on.

    Good luck to all involved.

  2. This is great and I hope to see more festivals like this in the US. Creative commons is gaining popularlity here because of Trent Reznor. Releasing my tunes under CC has been awesome since so many people are getting hassled by YouTube and they need free royalty free music.


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