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Creative Commons is working with the Estonian Information Technology Foundation (EITF) to create Estonia jurisdiction-specific licenses from the Unported Creative Commons licenses.

CC Estonia List

Project Lead: Ene Koitla, Estonian Information Technology Foundation (EITF)

Legal Team: Priit Lätt, Hele Karja, and Heiki Pisuke of Glimstedt Straus & Partners, and independent legal expert Mario Rosentau from the University of Tartu.

Interactive drafts on c0-ment:

More about the Estonian Information Technology Foundation (EITF)

Estonian Information Technology Foundation is a non-profit organisation founded by the Estonian Republic, Tartu University, Tallinn Technical University, Eesti Telekom and the Association of Estonian Information Technology and Telecommunications Companies. The 5-member Council of the EITF is made up of the representatives of the aforementioned founders. They appoint the 3 members of the Executive Board. The Foundation is annually audited by a sworn auditor.

EITF’s aims are to assist in preparation of the highly qualified IT specialists and to support information and communication technology-related development in Estonia. For these purposes the Foundation established and manages the Estonian IT College and adminsters the National Support Program for ICT in Higher Education “Tiger University.”

Posted 16 June 2009