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Remix My Lit: Through The Clock Workings


through-the-clocks-workingsRemix My Lit – a Brisbane based, international remixable literature project – just released their first publication, Through the Clock’s Workings. Billed as the world’s first remixed and remixable anthology of literature, the whole project is released under a CC BY-NC-SA license and is available as a free digital download (PDF) or as a hardcopy purchase through the Sydney University Press e-store. More from CCau:

Those who have been following our blog will remember the beautifully simplistic premise of the Australia Council funded Remix My Lit project – take stories from 9 prominent Australian authors, release them for remixing under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial ShareAlike licence, and see what happens.

Through the Clock’s Workings gives us a taste of the result. Published by the Sydney University Press, this anthology brings together the original 9 stories – from authors such as James Phelan, Cate Kennedy and Kim Wilkins – with 13 of the best remixes […] the diversity is great – there are poems, abridgements, gender switches, complete re-imaginings. Even the cover of the the book you can see above is a remix of the stories by the excellent artist Ali J.

Posted 18 June 2009