OER in Latin America – Sharing the knowledge and building community

We are thrilled to welcome Carolina Botero, project lead for CC Colombia, as ccLearn’s regional liaison for the exciting projects in open education in Latin America and the Spanish-speaking world. Carolina will be working with ccLearn staff to document existing projects and initiatives related to open educational resources (OER) throughout the region. We anticipate that this work will extend the size and impact of the OER and CC networks, fostering greater collaboration among projects as well as greater awareness of their important work. Carolina will also develop reports about prior regional activities (such as the Latam Commons 2008 meeting in Chile last year) as well as forward-looking documents about future events and opportunities throughout the region.

Look for Carolina’s contributions on the Creative Commons and ccLearn sites. Bienvenida Carolina!

4 thoughts on “OER in Latin America – Sharing the knowledge and building community”

  1. SII!!! ya estoy aterrizando, ya estoy llegando… “no estaba muera, andaba de parranda” Gracias a Renata and thanks to the CC people I hope we can move things around

  2. Haremos de la región algo sin precedentes en educación junto con el equipo de ccLearn! Era necesario un capítulo local!

  3. Hola, estoy MUY interesado en contactar a Carolina con respecto a un proyecto educativo desde Colombia ¿Podrían ayudarme, por favor? – muchas gracias.

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