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Maiden Issue of CC Asia-Pacific Newsletter


200909-10_CCAsiaPacificNews1Grab the very first issue of the CC Asia-Pacific Newsletter, a stunning and informative publication compiled by CC jurisdictions in the region.

From the editors:

[At the “Commons Crossroads” conference in Manila] it was proposed to have a bi-monthly electronic newsletter from which each of us can be informed of CC activities in one another’s jurisdiction. It is also hoped that the newsletter serves as a venue to share experience and to enable collaboration.

You can read more about the Commons Crossroads conference, the region’s Action Plan Statement, and more cool stories from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Australia, and China Mainland.

Although English isn’t the first language of many Asia-Pacific jurisdictions, the contributors took an extra effort to prepare the newsletter for a global audience. A huge thank you to the writers and to CC Philippines and CC Taiwan for editing this fantastic volume. For more international news, you can always check out our monthly newsletter and of course keep an eye out for the next Asia-Pacific issue.

Cover by Lairaja / Except when otherwise noted, this work is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Philippines license.

Posted 10 November 2009