The Complete Guide to Google Wave is BY-SA

googlewaveGina Trapani and Adam Pash are editors at Lifehacker, but over the last couple of months they’ve been penning (wiki-ying?) a guide to Google Wave. Their hard work has paid off as a preview edition of The Complete Guide to Google Wave is now available for purchase as a DRM-free PDF. The first edition of the book will be debuting in January as both a PDF and a softcover print book with new editions to follow throughout 2010.

What’s particularly salient to those in the CC-community is that Trapani and Pash have authored and collaborated on the book using MediaWiki and are releasing its content under our Attribution-ShareAlike license. This means the book is not only compatible with Wikipedia (allowing it to be imported to and exported from the encyclopedia), but also free to share, sell, and reproduce online – a decision that is already bearing fruit in the form of a full Japanese translation.

You can learn more about the project at their website, where the guide will continue to be freely available.

One thought on “The Complete Guide to Google Wave is BY-SA”

  1. Great job on the book. But I think google wave is retarded.
    Google Wave was touted as “Email if it was invented today.” What about email requires a book authored by two “tech” savvy writers? Really, Google Wave is more like “Email if it were over engineered, and poorly thought out.” I mean the intro video for Google Wave was an hour taking long. Seriously how could anything like that be valuable?

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