Al Jazeera CC Workshop Recap, Panel Debate at Perugia International Journalism Festival

Today, the Al Jazeera Documentary International Film Festival hosted Remix, the first ever Creative Commons workshop in the Arab world entirely dedicated to filmmakers.

Basel Safadi kicked off the workshop, explaining in both English and Arabic the basics behind Creative Commons licenses. Safadi also presented case studies of select films and documentaries already released under a CC license including Brett Gaylor’s RIP: A Remix Manifesto, Nina Paley’s Sita Sings The Blues, and Arce-Rujelah’s To Shoot an Elephant. Mohamed Nanahbay, Head of Online at Al Jazeera English, was also present to discuss the Al Jazeera Creative Commons Repository and its recent addition of footage from Lebanon.

The CC Al Jazeera repository and its importance will be at the center of a panel discussion hosted by Perugia International Journalism Festival on Friday, April 23rd. The panel will focus on how the availability of high-quality footage for free and legal download is affecting the future of video journalism. Featured participants include Moeed Ahmad, Head of Al Jazeera New Media, and Laith Mustaq, one of the most prominent bloggers at Al Jazeera Talk.

One thought on “Al Jazeera CC Workshop Recap, Panel Debate at Perugia International Journalism Festival”

  1. hi,
    im currently writing an essay for one of my media units about Creative Commons (and the work of Lawrence Lessig) and i just wanted to say that i think it is the greatest thing i have ever studied. The Future of Ideas and Remix are fascinating reads and for the first time in ages i actually want to learn more. This is an amazing example of the greatness people can achieve when they care about freedom and creativity.
    anyway, thats all i wanted to say. Not exactly relevant to this piece of news, but i felt like it was worth saying what an impact this has had on me. Any work i create in the future will be under a creative commons license, i promise you. 🙂

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