Creative Commons 2010 Figures

Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization and we happily provide all of our tools for free. As a result, we rely on our international community of users and advocates to give back to this vital public resource and support our work. With so many worthy causes in the world vying for peoples’, foundations’, and companies’ support, we are grateful so many have given whatever they are able to help keep CC afloat and going strong for the past 8 years. In the spirit of transparency and openness, below are some numbers to give you an idea of where our money comes from (You can also see real-time figures as they come in). We’d like to see these numbers continue to grow, just as CC license adoption and use of our tools has grown so steadily since 2002. Please donate today and join our international ranks of supporters to make 2011 our best year yet.

Breakdown of Overall Revenue for 2010

Donations from Individuals and Family Foundations since 2005

Donations from Corporate Donors since 2005

Revenue from Online Store since 2007

7 thoughts on “Creative Commons 2010 Figures”

  1. Thank you for disclosing your financial figures. As a donor myself, I understand how important Creative Commons’ work will continue to be. I, for one, encourage people to donate what they can.

    Thank you for all you do,


  2. I fully agree and support Ben’s statement, it’s crucial for many people that CC continues to exist and there financing plays a very important role.

  3. I also agree with Ben’s statement. CC is a very important and useful tool for buisnesses or individuals like myself and seeing it all in a visual lets us make a quick overview of this years income. Keep up the great work everyone!

  4. Good to see that funding for Creative Commons is at least stable. But could I make a suggestion? It would make it easier for you to get small donations if you joined Flattr. You could put a Flattr button on every licence deed page to encourage people to make a microdonation when they use it. (In fact, you might want to put a “Donate here” link on all licence deed pages.)

    I promise I’ll try to be the first person to Flattr you if you make it possible 🙂

  5. Sold! I was debating embracing your wonderful products, but after seeing this figures, I think i can. If corporate and private donators can fund this much, than I’m sold.

  6. Oh..I missed this update.
    The numbers I saw in the graph are simply outstanding & unbelievable!
    Numbers for 2012 will be undoubtedly outstanding too!!

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