Now Hiring: Web Developer / Systems Administrator


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Creative Commons is looking for a full-stack engineer to maintain our systems and websites. From the job description:

Creative Commons is looking for a full time Web Developer/Systems Administrator to develop and maintain the sites and systems that power CC on the Web.

This is a unique role which requires a focus on building scalable, rock-solid architecture to power our high-traffic websites, as well as an ability to move higher in the stack to implement new features or develop new websites and services.

Are you excited about powering the technical infrastructure of Creative Commons? Learn more and apply by visiting the full job listing.

2 thoughts on “Now Hiring: Web Developer / Systems Administrator”

  1. Hi,

    Is there some more information? Is there a specific place, or would I work from at home? Are there any requirements about the used technology? Python? PHP? Java? Any Frameworks, or CMS?

    Just before applying to a job like that, I’d like to know about those things.



  2. Hi Christof,

    Our HQ is in downtown Mountain View, California. We’d love to have someone local (and it’s a very nice office with gorgeous views), but we are flexible on location. Someone in a nearby timezone (+/- 4h) is strongly preferred, though.

    As for tech stack, users have Macs & PCs, servers run mostly Ubuntu. Some are colocated, others are VPSes. Application-level stack varies (we have a surprising number of services), but I’d say mostly it’s WordPress (PHP) and custom Python services, with the usual Web (HTML/CSS/JS) client-side mix. We also have some more specialized systems like CiviCRM (CRM on top of Drupal).

    Hope that gives you a rough sketch of what we have.

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