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Opening up the Public Domain with Europeana Sounds

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Recently, Europeana Sounds has doubled the amount of audio heritage available on the Europeana platform. It has made Europe’s audio heritage much more accessible to the public, not only by sharing as much as possible under a Creative Commons license or marked as Public Domain, but because the project makes it as easy as possible to listen and enjoy the music.

The newest project, Europeana Radio, was released last week and there you can listen to three broad genres: classical music, traditional and folk music and pop music. The music ranges from 1930’s recordings of Mozart where you can still hear the cracking of shellac recordings to fascinating Latvian folk songs and live 90’s grunge recordings.

But it gets better: you can release you inner archivist by helping to improve the discoverability of the music by tagging the recordings as you listen to them in certain genres. Ask yourself – am I listening to alternative reggaeton, new wave of british heavy metal or neo progressive rock? Simply add it in the tag box!

We hope you have a listen, get inspired by the music that these audio archives have made available for you, and tag away so people can more easily discover the material.

Posted 17 January 2017