Spheres of Open: strengthening ties across the movement



Sessions in the “Spheres of Open” track will focus on meaningful discussions about how we can work together to enhance, promote and move further the premises of CC in different areas of Open, such as Open GLAM, Open Education and Open Culture. Be prepared not only to learn from global practitioners, but also to be involved in a collective journey to search for the common questions regarding how we can make the world a better place with the CC community, its values, licenses and tools. This is an important year for the Creative Commons (CC) community gathering at the CC Summit, as we’re in the middle of discussing our new strategy, so be sure to drop by and join us!

Some of the questions that we’ll be exploring include:

  • How can we celebrate and strengthen our ties to creators of culture who make the Commons visible and real to people?
  • How might we ensure Open Access initiatives meet the knowledge and information needs of the public?
  • How can we shape the future of the GLAM sector in a world with imbalanced copyright laws?
  • How do we open up government archives and advance Open Data initiatives?
  • Should we create an annual a CC film festival?
  • How do we mainstream Open Education?
  • How can open education be aligned with the global grand challenges we all face?

These are some of the questions we’ll be exploring as the CC network shifts from its role as a set of legal tools and licenses to a community that focus on people, sharing, and gratitude.