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What’s New in the Noosphere?

About CC

The term “global commons” usually brings to mind the biosphere’s natural resources that everyone shares and benefits from, like water or air.

But the global commons is also home to what’s called the noosphere—all the resources and artifacts created by human reason and scientific thought, such as music, art, language, and research.

Human eye

“Eyes” by Demietrich Baker is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Creative Commons has fostered a movement reimagining the idea of the commons as a digital environment of infinite abundance rather than scarcity and red tape. We believe that an open, shared noosphere is key to expanding innovation, quality education, and equitable collaboration around the world.

Today, on Giving Tuesday, make a gift to Creative Commons and support greater access to the noosphere!

The Creative Commons team works to ensure that people around the world can access and contribute to the global commons through tools like CC Search, advocating for open education, supporting a vibrant community through the growing CC Global Network, and consulting with national galleries, museums, universities, and governments to adopt open policies and practices. The more people who can access historical and current ideas, art, and data, the better our world will be.

Our goal is to give everyone access to resources to change the world—but we can’t do it without you. Donate today to help keep the noosphere open and thriving!

Thank you! love_cc

Posted 03 December 2019