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Introducing the CC Global Network Platforms!

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We’re excited to introduce the three Creative Commons Global Network (CCGN) Platforms: Open Glam, Copyright, and Open Education! These Platforms are created with our community in mind, and everyone is free to join.

Open GLAM Network Platform

Following the work that started in 2017, the Open GLAM (galleries, libraries, archives, and museums) Platform is currently working to provide a space to share resources, enhance collaboration, and raise awareness on open access to digital cultural heritage, working with GLAM professionals and open advocates. The plan for 2020 includes the publication of the Declaration on Open Access for Cultural Heritage and a White Paper that informs the Declaration. We also plan on providing the community with different channels to engage, network, and discuss issues regarding open GLAM.

With this year’s funding, we have put together a plan that sets out to:

Anyone can engage with this Platform by:

Copyright Network Platform

The Copyright Platform brings together experts in copyright law and policy to push for policy, legislative, and regulatory change in copyright at the international and national levels that upholds the public interest, as well as enriches and protects the public domain. For details on the Platform’s goals, principles, objectives, and rationale, click here. In 2020, this Platform will undertake projects and activities aimed at fulfilling these goals and principles.

For example, the Platform could act as:

Priorities and activities for this year will be proposed, discussed, and agreed upon collectively by the Platform members. The current plan serves as a wellspring of ideas and proposes a process to allocate $20,000 USD for selected activities.

Anyone interested in joining the Platform and taking part in its activities can:

Open Education Network Platform

The Open Education Platform brings together a global open education community (1000+ members from 75+ countries) to support and facilitate multinational, collaborative open education content, practices, and policy activities. We envision a world in which everyone has universal access to effective open education resources and meaningful learning opportunities. For details on the Platform’s goals, principles, and objectives, click here.

In 2020, this Platform will undertake projects and activities aimed at fulfilling these collaboratively developed goals and principles. Activities will be proposed and decided by Platform members and funded with $20,000 USD. We’re currently finalizing the Platform’s activities timeline.

Anyone interested in open education is most welcome to join the Platform and take part in its activities by:

Have questions? Please email us for more information or check out the Creative Commons Global Network (CCGN) website

This announcement was a collaborative effort with contributions from Scann, Brigitte Vézina, and Jennryn Wetzler. Thank you! 

Posted 24 June 2020