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CC Community Spotlight Series: Angela Oduor Lungati, Achal Prabhala and Cecília Olliveira

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Giving Tuesday is only a week away! We hope you’ll join us next Tuesday, 30 November in celebrating our Better Sharing, Brighter Future campaign. 

We’re trying to raise $100,000 before the end of this year. The good news is every donation up to $30,000 will be matched. Help us reach our goal and double your impact to ensure everyone, everywhere, has access to resources, knowledge, and creativity.

In the weeks leading up to Giving Tuesday, we’ve highlighted the work of The Modern Art Notes Podcast host Tyler Green and Fine Acts co-founders Yana Buhrer Tavanier and Pavel Kounchev, all Open Access advocates who highlight the importance of visual art in both understanding the past and shaping a better, brighter future.

This week, we close out our Community Spotlight series, featuring three of this year’s CC Global Summit keynotes: Angela Oduor Lungati, Achal Prabhala, and Cecília Olliveira

Angela Oduor Lungati is a CC Board Member and Executive Director at Ushahidi, a Kenya-based non-profit that empowers communities to advance social change via Open Source technology solutions.

Achal Prabhala is a Shuttleworth Fellow and Coordinator at AccessIBSA, a tri-continental project to expand access to life-saving medicines and vaccines, specifically in India, Brasil, and South Africa.

Cecília Olliveira is also Shuttleworth Fellow and Executive Director of Fogo Cruzado, a community-driven digital platform that collects and cross-checks real-time data on armed violence with the goal of reducing gun crime in Recife and Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. 

Angela, Achal, and Cecília are Open Movement trailblazers who believe that freed up access to technology, research, and data is essential to social change, and urge that more of us open up our resources, find our voice, and push for solutions. Cecília Olliveira elaborates: 

“…if you have no information…you have no tools to pressure for solutions. This is why I was pursuing information. And…that’s also why I believe that openness is the key, because I cannot be the only one pressured for solutions. We need more people pressuring, because when you have more voices, you can pressure better and claim for solutions that really can help…”

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Community Spotlight series. Angela, Achal, and Cecília are paving the way for 20 more years of advocacy and innovation in the Open Movement. You can learn more about their work by tuning into our Open Minds Podcast

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Posted 23 November 2021