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Meet the Judges #CCSharesCulture: João Pombeiro

Open Culture

Creative Commons’ Open Culture Remix Art Contest #CCSharesCulture is open until 30 April 2022. So there’s still plenty of time to remix existing art and turn it into something fresh and exciting under the theme “Love Culture? Share Culture!”

In the run up to the submission deadline, we are introducing our panel of experts, who will judge the entries based on their conformity with the theme, expression of the theme, originality, creativity, quality, artistic expression, personal expression, visual appeal, and overall impact. Get to know one of our six judges, João Pombeiro, in this Q&A blog post. 

Who are you?

I am a Portuguese creative mastermind (self-titled) who works as a visual artist, screenwriter, director, animator, art director and part-time visionary.

What does “better sharing” of culture mean to you?

I think it’s something that allows us to rethink history and, therefore, the present. And as a result of that process, a new culture is produced and shared. So, in a way, “Better Sharing” is a matter of cultural sustainability.

How can open access to cultural heritage stimulate creativity?

As a creator that works with collage, it allowed me to have a deeper contact with archives and new materials to work with. To see and think about new “old imagery” in a new perspective and context is one of my favorite creative tools.

What advice would you give to folks who are in two minds about entering CC’s Open Culture Remix Art Contest?
Do it now, regret it later.

What sparked your passion for “open” culture?
It was the possibility to get past the basic stock photo/footage approach that most creatives find themselves limited to. And thanks to that, to achieve better work without any kind of legal worries.

What excites you about being a judge for CC’s Open Culture Remix Art Contest?
To be a part of this amazing movement, and to see first-hand what people do with the archives, of course.

CONTEST NOW CLOSED. Thank you so much to everyone who participated. We will announce the shortlisted entries and winners in May 2022.


If you have any questions about the contest, please contact us at

Posted 21 April 2022