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Open Minds Podcast: Sam Williams of Arweave

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Headshot of of Sam Williams

Courtesy of Sam Williams

Hi Creative Commoners! We are back with a new episode of CC’s Open Minds … from Creative Commons podcast. On this episode, CC’s Chief Operating Officer, Anna Tumadóttir, sits down for an interesting conversation with Sam Williams, the co-founder and CEO of Arweave, the company that created the Arweave protocol, a permanent archive of human knowledge and experiences on a blockchain. Creative Commons licenses are the first set of licensing standards to be deployed on Arweave. Sam has been immersed in open source since he was a kid, and started learning to code when he was nine. So it’s no surprise that now he’s passionate about building innovative software and solving complex problems in computer networking, and has built extensive experience in real-world mechanism design and implementation. When he’s not working on Arweave, Sam actively participates in the decentralized web space as technical advisor and mentor of blockchain projects.

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Posted 11 August 2022