An illustration with doodles of a laptop, puzzle, microphone, mug with steam, a box with papers coming out of it, and text that says "Join the global event, OEWEEK March 6-10, 2023 #oeweek and Creative Commons logo‎."

Open Education Week 2023: Creative Commons Celebrates Community Members

As we gear up for Open Education Week 2023 (6 – 10 March), Creative Commons wants to recognize the contributions of our open education and related open communities. In the past several months, our community members have shared their knowledge and inquiry through lightning talks, panel discussions, presentations, and working groups. The list below offers … Read More “Open Education Week 2023: Creative Commons Celebrates Community Members”

Sharing Matters: What We’ve Learned at Creative Commons

Sharing matters. Thanks to the digital revolution, we share things like never before, from scientific research to family photos, from day-to-day life to college courses — and all instantaneously. The variety and volume of sharing today was unimaginable even just a decade ago. Now social media and publishing platforms, smartphones, cheap data, and expanded internet … Read More “Sharing Matters: What We’ve Learned at Creative Commons”

Finnish translation of 4.0 published

We are thrilled to announce our first official translation of 4.0, into Finnish. Congratulations to the CC Finland team, who have done an outstanding job. The translation team consisted of Maria Rehbinder of Aalto University, legal counsel and license translation coordinator of CC Finland; Martin von Willebrand, Attorney-at-Law and Partner, HH Partners, Attorneys-at-law Ltd: for … Read More “Finnish translation of 4.0 published”