(Innovation 1b)

This is the second of several postings describing potential innovations to our licenses. It comes courtesy of Rob Hallman, a Stanford Law School student in the “Advanced Contracts: Creative Commons” seminar. You have the power to make learning fun. At least partly. Promoting education is a personal goal and a corporate mission for many … Read More “ (Innovation 1b)”

After Eldred

The Supreme Court has ruled 7-2 against the petitioners in Eldred v. Ashcroft. (See Lessig’s blog and the Eldred site for official news and responses.) What now? Creative Commons marches on as before, but with a pronounced sensitivity to the need to offer copyright holders who want to forgo long or broad copyright protections a … Read More “After Eldred”

Come Together

Richard Koman has a nice first-hand account of our license release party on the O’Reilly Network. (This slipped past our radar last week.) Koman describes the event as an Eldred v. Ashcroft “reunion night,” which is somewhat accurate, though we’ll take the opportunity to remind folks that Creative Commons has no official ties to the … Read More “Come Together”

Creative Commons Announces New Management Team

Sep 18, 2002 — — Creative Commons today announced its newly formed leadership team, expanding its efforts to cultivate a vibrant public domain within the current copyright system. Founding Executive Director Molly Shaffer Van Houweling recently completed her long-planned transition from Creative Commons to become Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan Law School … Read More “Creative Commons Announces New Management Team”