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Creative Commons Unveils Machine-Readable Copyright Licenses

About CC

San Francisco, CA — Creative Commons, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting the creative reuse of intellectual works, launched its first product today: its machine-readable copyright licenses, available free of charge from The licenses allow copyright holders to easily inform others that their works are free for copying and other uses under specific conditions. These…

Roger McGuinn to Use Creative Commons Licenses


We’re proud to announce that Roger McGuinn, author of the ethereal sounds of legendary rock band The Byrds, has licensed dozens of musical recordings with Creative Commons licenses. McGuinn has long been a leading champion of the American folk music tradition. At his Folk Den, McGuinn publishes his own versions of traditional tunes, using the…

Creative Commons to Release Licenses for Public Use


On 16 December, Creative Commons machine-readable licenses will be available to the public free of charge. Learn creative ways to distribute your works and find pointers to all sorts of licensed content you can use right away. Join us in celebrating the release of our licenses at an early-evening reception featuring a chat and screening…