Just Announced! Attributor and wikiHow Will Match $5500 in Donations!

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that our longtime friends Attributor and wikiHow have come together in the final days of our annual campaign to generously match the next $5,500 in donations! wikiHow has committed to giving $3000 and Attributor $2500, so please join them and show you care about the future of Creative Commons and … Read More “Just Announced! Attributor and wikiHow Will Match $5500 in Donations!”

FairShare launched

Attributor launched FairShare today, a CC-aware self service platform for tracking the spread of your works around the web, building on their index of 35 billion web pages. FairShare encourages choosing a CC license to make clear the terms under which you want your works to be spread, then gives you feeds showing exactly where … Read More “FairShare launched”