Magnatune announces interesting additions to "post-scarcity" business model

Magnatune, the terrific sharing-friendly record label that we’ve talked about many times before, has announced a transition from a per-album purchase model to a “DRM-free, all-you-can-eat, pay-what-you-want” model. Label founder John Buckman spelled out the details in a blog post today. Memberships to Magnatune are now: 1) no commitment: one month at a time, whereas … Read More “Magnatune announces interesting additions to "post-scarcity" business model”

Nordic Cultural Commons Conference

In the wave of free culture gatherings this October, don’t miss out on the Nordic Cultural Commons Conference 2008, in Stockholm on October 22-23, organized by the Creative Commons Nordic network. How is business created around open licensing? What benefits does the Creative Commons model provide for public broadcasting and archiving? How open licensing changes … Read More “Nordic Cultural Commons Conference”

"Publishing Open Content", Short Film On CC Business Models

Publishing Open Content is a short documentary by Frances Pinter and David Percy that looks at how Creative Commons licenses can be utilized in a commercial setting. The film features interviews with Tom Reynolds, blogger behind Random Acts of Reality and author of Blood, Sweat, and Tea, Timo Hannay, Publishing Director at, and John … Read More “"Publishing Open Content", Short Film On CC Business Models”