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Support Grows for Open Access to Science Research


PeerJ Founders Peter Binfield and Jason Hoyt / Duncan Hull / CC BY In their excellent Washington Post opinion piece, Matt Cooper and Elizabeth Wiley suggest that federally funded research should be freely accessible over the Internet. They argue that when students lose their access to academic databases after graduation, society doesn’t get the same…

European Commission hearing on access to and preservation of scientific information

About CC

Along with over 50 organizations, I attended a recent European Commission public hearing on access to and preservation of scientific information. Among those present were representatives from national and regional ministries, higher education institutions, libraries, data repositories, public and private funders, scientific societies, supranational research centres, journal publishers and advocacy groups. A majority of those…

Open Learning: Open Educational Resources Issue

Open Education

Open Educational Resources are good for the economy (or at least, economizing). They are also good for students, teachers, and the environment. And they currently theme the most recent issue of Open Learning, The Journal of Open and Distance Learning (Volume 24, Issue 1). ccLearn’s own Executive Director, Ahrash Bissell, submitted a paper last fall…