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Tag: Renata Avila

Commoner Letter #2 – Renata Avila, CC Guatemala


We are honored and proud to present the second letter in this year’s Commoner Letter series, written by CC Guatemala Project Lead, Renata Avila. In addition to her passionate work heading off the successful launch last month of Creative Commons licenses in Guatemala, Renata is also a human rights lawyer and a frequent author for…

CC Guatemala: "Free to Choose, To Create, To Innovate, To Learn, To Imagine"


On October 23 in Guatemala City, the UFM‘s New Media Centre will host an event to celebrate the localized Guatemalan licenses, available soon online. Jimmy Wales, Creative Commons Board member, will hold the keynote address Free to choose, to create, to innovate, to learn, to imagine. CC Guatemala’s institutional host, UFM and its New Media…